Maribeth Garrett is an avid reader and has always wanted to create stories like those she loves to read. The Novice, a page-turning thriller, is her debut novel in the exciting Paige Stone detective series. A native Oklahoman who grew up around wheat fields, Garrett now resides on acreage in the northeast part of the state, where her children and grandchildren keep her young and active.


The Novice

A young, new detective. A serial killer with a bizarre fixation.

Newly promoted detective Paige Stone is no stranger to gruesome killings. But even she is disturbed by the strangled, mutilated body in her first homicide case. As the surrogate daughter of a homicide detective, she's well acquainted with ridicule from her fellow male officers who believe nepotism is the only reason she's made it this far. But she's determined to prove her ability no matter the cost.

Jordan Trinity has been a Special Agent for the FBI for fifteen proud years. His passion for catching serial killers has driven him ever since the disappearance of his twin brother—an unsolved case that haunts him to this day. He arrives in the Midwest for his current assignment, sure this latest murder is the work of the predator he’s tracking.

When the captain reassigns Stone due to a misunderstanding, she works a missing person case and becomes convinced the victim is connected to the serial killer. A local celebrity goes missing and the race is on to find her before she becomes the latest deadly display. The perpetrator leads them in a grisly game—one they can’t win with the rules constantly changing. If she can’t stop the killer, Detective Stone’s first case might turn out to be her last.

The Novice is a gripping thriller that will keep you turning pages in a race to stop a killer!